C-Section Sucks...

yes, you had a healthy baby... yes, that is all that is important...

...then why did I still feel so bad?
No matter what people told me, no matter how much I rationalized I still felt cheated...

To this day I feel there is a little gap between being pregnant and having a baby on my lap... some piece of the puzzle missing.

I was very well prepared for birth... having done months of training with hypnobabies  home training (strongly recommend it)  I felt ready for everything... well almost everything...

After having the c-section I found myself in the only position I hadn't research in advance.

It was nice to find Jeanne's site on c-section recovery.
FAQ's, forums and books that made me feel less lonely.

The most important piece of advice I found is the c-scar massage.
Treating scar tissue is not just about aesthetics, c-scars can lead from lower back to bladder problems.

Doing yoga daily and massaging my scar at least twice a week has helped me a lot. I can feel my belly again although the feeling is kind of like when you have only just woken up.... for the time being.

Cloth Diapers - Long Term Test - 6 months

After 6 months of continuous use I couldn't be happier with cloth diapers.
All of them are holding up pretty nicely, we've never experienced a diaper leak or a bum rash.

If at first I was happy to share my enthusiasm for cloth, now am I surely singing in praise.

The few times we had to use throw-aways (pampers and libero) not only did we have to clean up pooped clothes but also there was something very wrong with the smell...
Pee smells like burned rubber and poo always smells much stronger than in cloth diapers.

The 6 months mark:
pop-in by close parent The bamboo edition is still going strong although when I first got them they looked frail. Works wonder in the summer, but I wouldn't recommend bamboo for colder climates as they take more time to dry.

oh katy Still my favorite kind of pocket style microfiber. The inserts are still very absorbent and they have little extra buttons that helped the first months.

blueberry Minky shell are soft but I don't recommend them for warmer climates. The most expensive but great quality inserts.

happy heinys maybe the best microfiber inserts of the lot... after everyday washing for months they still absorb like new...

fuzzibunz The waterproof fabric looked thin but to date they are still going strong.

rumparooz while big for a newborn, great for a 6 month old as the insert shape isn't rectangular but is "shaved" on the sides reducing the bulk around the legs.

bumgenius still my least favorites... The only ones of the bunch I wouldn't buy again. The inserts have become super thin and don't absorb anything anymore.

Lastly GroVia have retreated to the back of the shelf as they still take forever to dry (in 38c summer!)

We used to wash every day at first but have been washing every other day after the first 3 months. 
We do not use a pail as we found that the best way to keep the diapers from stinking is washing them by hand to get the pee/poo off (for poo we use a toothbrush) and keep them in a open container in the bathroom. Even in the summer heat we have never had a problem with smell.

The organic bamboo velour wipes are also still in great shape after daily use! (we use them for pretty much everything! (vomit, sweat, napkins, wipes) 

Along with the homemade wipe solution:
4 cups of chamomile infusion, 15 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of tea tree oil.

I have been using a homemade cream:
1 ounce olive oil, 1 ounce shea butter ,1 ounce cocoa butter and 1/2 ounce beeswax.

The bottom line:
My six month old uses around 4-6 diapers per 24 hours. One of them at night.