C-Section Sucks...

yes, you had a healthy baby... yes, that is all that is important...

...then why did I still feel so bad?
No matter what people told me, no matter how much I rationalized I still felt cheated...

To this day I feel there is a little gap between being pregnant and having a baby on my lap... some piece of the puzzle missing.

I was very well prepared for birth... having done months of training with hypnobabies  home training (strongly recommend it)  I felt ready for everything... well almost everything...

After having the c-section I found myself in the only position I hadn't research in advance.

It was nice to find Jeanne's site on c-section recovery.
FAQ's, forums and books that made me feel less lonely.

The most important piece of advice I found is the c-scar massage.
Treating scar tissue is not just about aesthetics, c-scars can lead from lower back to bladder problems.

Doing yoga daily and massaging my scar at least twice a week has helped me a lot. I can feel my belly again although the feeling is kind of like when you have only just woken up.... for the time being.

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